About the Sanford Brush & Palette Club

The Sanford Brush & Palette Club (SBPC) was founded in 1964 with 7 members. In 2021, we have grown to a membership of almost 100 diverse, talented artists. The founders believed that fellowship and education were important to artistic growth, and we continue
that tradition.

Each fall, SBPC has presented a well attended and judged public art show and sale where club members could show and sell their artwork, as well as compete for ribbons. This year, the Covid19 virus has presented the club with a new challenge -- putting our art online for the very first time in this virtual Gallery of Art.

We hope you will enjoy looking through the artworks recently created right here in the Sanford area. For aspiring artists, we are also always happy to welcome new members. You can find  information about joining the club at www.sanfordbpc.org


Browse our site and find your next unique artwork today!

Artist Painting in Studio