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Arlene Brencsons

Arlene Brencsons is a native Manhattanite who always had art on her walls and in her heart, but with family, nursing career, then business, wasn't creating it. After retiring to North Carolina she joined a weekly painting group, and from the moment she first touched color to canvas, knew it was love! 

Arlene's imaginative acrylic artwork reflects her worldview; we can't address the ills of society if we can't even envision our world as the beautiful, peaceful, loving place it should be for all. Her art is never realistic, but depicts a hopeful, idealized point of view.  

She also believes that humor is an underrated, but essential tool in navigating life's sharper edges. Not everything has to be rule driven or serious in life – or in art. Painting is fun and exciting for her, and she wants to share her joy. Buildings might be a bit tipsy and the sky may be lavender, but life can be beautiful, and she's having fun bending reality with you. Relax and enjoy the view!  


Arlene's paintings have won awards from the first time exhibited, and soon after she was chosen "Breakout Artist of the Year" by her talented colleagues at the Sanford Brush and Palette Club. Her artwork has been exhibited at several North Carolina venues, and have attracted many followers who now collect her paintings.

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