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 Barbara Berman

For many years I worked as a commercial interior designer specializing in design, space planning, colors and materials. Now that I am retired, my years of design experience and my love of art and fabric have led me to something very special I call "Fabrications."

My fascination with art and design began as a little girl going with my mother to her art classes, and it took me through Syracuse University where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Some thirty years ago, my husband Fred bought a sewing machine so he could hem his pants. Not surprisingly, he hemmed maybe one pair. I tried the machine, fell in love with sewing, and things have never been the same.


I started sewing kites, scarfs, quilts, and purses. My friends encouraged me to try my hand selling at craft shows. So twenty-five years ago Craftibarb began! Today my purses and backpacks sell at high-end art and craft shows across the country.


After moving from Maryland to North Carolina, I started painting again and joined our local artists' league. I teach art classes and have won numerous awards for my work.  


Recently I have experimented with making "paintings" out of fabric. My technique is to adhere pieces of fabric directly onto a canvas. I am pleased and surprised by how these "fabrications" spring to life. Something like a jigsaw puzzle, every element is made from bits of fabric. Little did I expect that this would become my passion.

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