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Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller is originally from the small town of Mine La Motte, Missouri. However, she spent most of her adult life in Florida before moving to North Carolina to be closer to family.  She has always been a creative person, starting with the mural of a mountain scene that she painted for her parents on their living room wall!  Barbara has tried many different forms of craft

over the years, from doll clothes and furniture, to crochet, jewelry making, and furniture refinishing.


Once Barbara retired, she began taking an art class mentored by the successful Dutch artist, Johanna Pol.  During this class, she was introduced to oil painting and has remained an oil painter ever since.  She enjoys the fluidity of oil paint and the ease with which you can change things as you go.  Barbara enjoys taking classes and trying new mediums and techniques.  She is a yearly participant in the Sanford Brush and Palette Club

art show.

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