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Cindy McAuley

I’m a Sanford native and a self-taught artist. Although life took me away to Charlotte NC for 25 years, I returned to my hometown in 2012. A couple years later my father Charles McLeod, a long-time Sanford Brush & Palette Club member, passed away and I inherited his art supplies. I had always been fascinated by art and enjoyed all sorts of creative hobbies, so I decided to learn to paint. ​


After many hours of YouTube tutorials and multiple incomplete attempts at painting a landscape, I finally convinced myself to finish a painting no matter how bad it might be. But it wasn’t bad, it was actually decent, and I was hooked! ​


My art journey since then has been exciting and frustrating and amazing. My favorite medium is acrylic and my favorite subjects are landscapes and more recently animals.

I hope to be able to learn to paint  the

rest of my life.

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