Garden Blues and Greys  8x10 acrylic.JPG

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson studied art with Joseph Fitzpatrick at The Carnegie in Pittsburgh and with New Orleans designer, Frances Coleman. 


Ms. Thompson was Director of Arts Programs for the U.S. Army in Wiesbaden, Germany for ten years.  Her innovative art, music and theatre programs received multiple European and International Awards for Excellence.  


Ms. Thompson is the author of "Basics of Art and the Elements of Design.”  She also teaches adult seminars at Central Carolina Community College.  She is the current Vice President and Program Chair of the Pastel Society of North Carolina.  She is also a member of the Sanford Brush and Palette Club, where she has won numerous awards for painting.


"My approach is to halt shadows; to capture the quiet of nature in fleeting moments.  Most of my subjects are personal - things I have, flowers I grow or fields I mow.  Composition, design and color palette are my primary concerns.  Whether still life or landscape, I seek moments of stillness and light."

Garden Blues and Greys  8x10 acrylic.JPG