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Everett Cox

Art has been a very important part of Everett’s life, beginning as a young child connecting dot to dots and painting watercolor scenes.  Later in life, he worked in oils until the Army called him to duty.  After his time in the Army, he started working with acrylics and then took a long break from art. Everett earned an engineering degree from North Carolina State University and worked for 40 years as a test engineer and lab manager for various companies. ​


Upon retirement, Everett started taking classes with Yvonne George through Central Carolina Community College.  He was encouraged to join the Sanford Brush and Palette Club and its’ members have been inspirational in moving his artistic abilities forward.  He entered the 51st SBPC art show and has displayed artwork in subsequent art shows, winning awards for acrylic and alcohol ink works.  Everett was the President of the Sanford Brush and Palette Club from2019 to 2020. Everett's artworks are on display in the SBPC art studio in Sanford, NC.

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