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Ginny Connolly-Manhardt

Ginny Connolly-Manhardt has always been fascinated by big, bright, beautiful color and the emotions that color invoke. This color journey started while she was growing up in New Jersey, and as an adult living in New York, Pennsylvania and now in Sanford, NC. Ginny earned a degree in Studio Arts and K-12 Art Education from Chatham University.  She did her graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University,  at which time she was working

in oils.


She did not paint for over thirty years, as her family and career took precedent. In the 1990’s, she started making jewelry as a creative outlet. During that time she also started traveling the world, seeking out fine art and crafts wherever she went and finding the inspiration to resume her journey in the arts.  After she retired from the non-profit world, she started painting again in acrylics, alcohol inks, and watercolors.  She also continues to make Jewelry. Abstract art is the foundation of her work, as it speaks to her and gives her a voice.

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