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Rachel Terry

Rachel Terry grew up in southern Indiana and traveled to several countries before putting roots down in Sanford, NC. After 17+ years in the medical field, Rachel returned to college to pursue her passion and earned her BFA with emphasis in Painting from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.


In the past, Rachel would become frustrated with her wide range of interests when feeling the outside pressure to narrow the focus of her artistic pursuit. She finally embraced her curious mind that loves to learn and experiment and uses that gained knowledge and experience to not be fenced in creatively.


When describing her work, Rachel says, “I find my greatest freedom of expression through creating, especially with paint. I am fascinated by textures and colors… being able to touch everything and looking closely at how colors layer and intermingle. The world is a beautiful and amazing place! Beauty can be found in the most simple and mundane things. You just have to see it. These things inspire my work as I explore color and texture in different mediums. I never want to lose that wonder and hope to encourage others to see it as well.”


Rachel has received many awards for her work. Her art has been in group and solo exhibitions in California, Indiana, Missouri, New York, and North Carolina and has been displayed in galleries, businesses, and private residences. She has facilitated Art Auctions for a Cause and her latest accomplishment has been co-illustrator for a published children’s book.

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