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Sandra Lett

Sandra Lett is a North Carolina native currently living in Garner.  She has always loved art from her childhood days.  Her grandfather was a huge influence in her life as a little girl.  She is proudly a self-taught artist for over 22 years; and had a thriving decorative art business for 18 years at the beginning of her career.


Her first and foremost love is acrylic painting. She also started a YouTube channel at the end of 2017.  With a much loved and loyal following there of over 76,000, she became known for her intuitive acrylic pours and embellishments.  She also has found a new passion in the last year in resin art.  She is most satisfied and grounded when she is in her studio doing what she knows God created her to do.


She sees herself as an ever-evolving, lover of beauty in creating whatever she is inspired to do, no matter the medium.  She loves people and has found a desire to also reach out and inspire and mentor others through her YouTube channel, her online painting tutorials, and a growing Facebook Group of over 11,000 artists.  Her heart is to inspire others with light, love and joy through her own art pieces she creates; as well as to touch other people’s lives in a positive way by promoting them to also pursue their dreams and become the artists they have always wanted to be. ​

Private Sanctuary.jpg
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