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Yvonne George

Yvonne George was born and raised in the Northeastern part of the United States.  She spent her career as a Registered Nurse before moving to Miami, Florida.  While in Florida, Yvonne’s true commitment to art began, as she took classes in painting, sculpture, and printmaking.  During this time, she developed a love of pottery and thus began her journey into sculptural ceramics.


Yvonne moved from Florida to Texas where she was President of the Ceramic League of Houston. She was a member of several galleries there and worked with an Interior designer who placed her work around the country.  She eventually returned to Florida, forming a partnership with another ceramic artist and began making one of a kind pieces for custom homebuilders.


Yvonne now resides in North Carolina and is a member of the Sanford Brush and Palette Club and the Pastel Society of North Carolina.  She also teaches painting at Central Carolina Community College.  Yvonne’s work continues to be influenced by the places in which she has lived and traveled while raising her family.  Yvonne currently paints in acrylics, pastel, alcohol inks, and watercolor. She also creates unique copper and silver jewelry.

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